Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Electronic Service Partner

Udalamaththa Junction,Galle.
Tel :- 0913902121/0716431115/0756752706
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About CIAC
CIAC,Your electronic service partner is a legendary electronic equipment service maker with an exciting new vision.
From the classic builder of tv, CIAC knows what makes Sri Lanka tick.

Electronic Items Service and Repair

Welcome to the CIAC; electronic service, repair for the Greater Southern Provice,Galle,Nagoda DS Unit, Sri Lanka. We have experience in TV,VCD/DVD PLAYER,CIRCUIT DESIGN,CFL BULB REPAIR,COMPUTER MONITOR,COMPUTER ASSEMBLING & REPAIR most recognized brands.
If you are not happy with your these machine's performance, we can help.
We are here to offer professional service; not to make you feel you need to buy a new machines.
Think of it. If you are in the middle of a project when your machine malfunctions, bring it to us right away.

Graphic Design
Meet you onsite,Combine your ideas with our experience to create the most effectively designed, printed piece ,Design using PC
Utilize your own important desktop files and incorporate them into your final piece
Our talented in-house designers have successfully designed a variety of projects such as:
Business Cards
Marketing Collateral
Corporate Identity
Trade Show Graphics
Your important design project deserves the best quality and service at a reasonable price. Call The CIAC today!
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